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Dive computers: Is it worth the money?

Imagine this: you're driving down the highway at a fairly high speed and all of a sudden your whole instrument cluster on your vehicle stops working! You can't see how fast you're travelling or any other vital information you might need to be able to safely operate your vehicle!

The same goes for diving. Once you have had the luxury of diving with a dive computer, you never want to complete another dive without one.

Dive computers gives divers so much more control whilst diving by displaying useful and vital information throughout your dive.

Dive computers typically display the divers current depth, maximum depth reached, no- decompression limit, time remaining until a no- decompression limit is reached, elapsed time, water temperature and some more depending which dive computer the diver is using.

Many dive centers rent out dive computers which can help a diver for that specific dive, but it has been found that not all dive centers use the same models of computers and this can lead to confusion due to the diver not knowing how to use said model of dive computer to it's full potential.

At the end of the day, buying your own personal dive computer out trumps renting one since you can get to fully understand your model of dive computer.

Our advise, speak to your dive shop, do some research on the internet and make an informed decision on selecting your own personal dive computer.

Safe Diving!

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