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Some Information about Guinjata Dive Centre...

Established in 1999, Guinjata Dive Centre has been operating on the beach and providing endless amounts of fun, training and education in the bay. With Lynn and Zelda as the same owners for over 10 years, they have been striving to perfect Guinjata Dive Centre over the years. They have had to completely rebuild from scratch over 3 times due to mother nature's storms, but as ever, Dive will we Dive!

Guinjata Dive Centre is where friends, families and scuba divers come and enjoy the crystal, blue waters of Mozambique. Here they can experience an array of exquisite, local reefs, including the world-famous Manta Reef. Manta Reef is renowned for its amazing abundance of life and the marvel of its giant and reef mantas, which can grow up to 8 meters across. With the seasonal whale sharks and humpback whales you are sure to have an awesome diving experience. Guinjata Dive Centre’s staff, which includes instructors and divemasters, are professional, friendly and helpful. They are guaranteed to put a smile on your face! At Guinjata Dive Centre we stick to our standards and we always have a lot of fun!

Meet our staff...

Lynn Retief 

Zelda Muller (Norden)





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