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About Guinjata Bay

Here the atmosphere is peaceful, the ocean teems with diversity, the people are happy and the beaches bring bliss. Guinjata Bay is situated 30km, a 45-minute drive, Southeast of Inhambane city. One could reach the fuel station with a 2x4, but from there on a 4x4 is required to reach us on the main beach.

When to visit

Mozambique is a year-round destination and promises something special in every season:


December is our busy season with the student rush during the first two weeks and summer holidays thereafter. In January things start to settle down again; this is a popular time for local guests, as well as those wanting to spot whale sharks in the warm water. Summer is the rainy season and the weather is hot and humid, with winds sometimes occurring late January through February.


Weather-wise this is our absolute favorite time of year: it’s not too hot, the water is warm and conditions are generally superb. The Bay becomes alive again during the Easter school holidays.


Although we call it winter, it doesn’t really exist in Mozambique: it’s barely ever cold, one can still enjoy swimming during the warm days and might need a jersey at most in the evenings. “Winter” is an exciting season in the Bay, featuring the annual Guinjata Fishing Bonanza in June and the start of whale season in July.


With whale season at its peak in September and temperatures still mild, Spring is a great time to explore Guinjata Bay before the rainy season arrives. It is a quiet time of year – perfect to benefit from low-season promotions and offers!

What to bring

The vibe is laid-back and casual, so swimwear and light breathable clothing with a hat and sunglasses is the usual choice. Sandals are a must on the hot sand in summer! A rain jacket could also come in handy during the rainy season. Light trousers and jerseys will do the job in winter.

In the relentless African sun, sunscreen is top priority. Also remember to keep hydrated; thankfully most facilities in the surrounds have drinkable tap water.

Being sparsely populated, malaria cases in Guinjata are few and far between. However, we do recommend using mosquito repellent.

Please consult your family doctor for further advice.