What our guests say about us

The best dives of my life

We got to dive Manta Reef and had the good luck to see Mantas the size of small aircraft working this world class site. I have been diving since I was 13 years old (in the 70s!) and this was one of the best dives of my life. But what makes me give this company 5 stars is the customer service.

Paul Cowles


Would I go again? For sure!

I have been a BSAC Advanced Diver for over 30 years and have dived around the world, so know a good or bad dive centre when I find one. This was without doubt one of the best run that I have used. Dive planning was totally on the ball, Dive master Ferdie was attentive pre and during the dive with extremely well detailed dive briefs. All in all, I did 3 dives from their RIB on the local reefs and was not disappointed. I should add that owners Lynn and Zelda were very welcoming and friendly. Full equipment can be rented and/or you can use your own.

Chris Gimson

South Africa

I'll definitely visit there again

Altogether, this is a great, friendly, family-run business that truly went the extra mile to ensure I had a good experience. Also, while Tofo Beach was fun with great diving, it was noisy far into the night and I couldn't walk around without getting mobbed by folks trying to sell me stuff. Conversely, Guinjata Bay is much more quiet and peaceful, and you can stroll down the beach and only hear the sounds of the ocean. If I ever return to Mozambique, I'll definitely visit there again.



Best dive centre around

The team are very friendly and accommodating. I return year after year. The reefs are incredible and the ocean safaris are out of this world- swim with humpback whales, whale sharks, dolphins. Enjoy tasty lunch on the beach or a yummy R&R as you chill.

Fiona Ayers

New Zealand

Incredible staff and experience!

 I immediately felt at home diving with Zelda and Lynn and the rest of the staff at Guinjata! We had an amazing time on ocean safaris with close encounters with humpback whales, dolphins, and whale sharks. I work as an instructor in the Caribbean so I was amazed by the variety of sea life. Their DMs do a fantastic job pointing out the tiny sea life (nudis, frogfish, paperfish, batfish etc...) that I know I would've missed. I highly enjoyed my experience with them and hope to make a trip back!